Averaging Emojis

A visual exploration and comparison of Emoji sets for different companies useing pixel averaging. This is were it sums the indiviual pixels (the color) across all the emojis and then calculates an average pixel color. Reconstructing an new average image.

Whats left to examine is a particular dominating art style or a particular type of Emoji that occurs more frequently in one particular set.

All Emojis averaged (excluding flags)

Overall averages for activities per company

Emojis averaged by category

Averages for activities
Averages for animals
Averages for clothing
Averages for flags
Averages for food/drink
Averages (Geometric mean) for food/drink
Averages for hand gestures
Averages for nature
Averages for objects
Averages (Gemetric mean) for objects
Averages for people
Averages for smilies
Averages (Harmonic mean) for smilies
Averages (Geometric mean) for smilies
Averages for symbols
Averages for travel