Chaotic systems of Air and Ink - (2020)

Looking at the principles put forward by the inventors of the computer, automation was supposed to tackle 3 areas:

These principles are heavily routed in the society of those who created them, reflecting their distain of labour.

In this piece I'm exploring creative uses of automation that purposely contradict these principles while still having creative value. Suggesting that the principles that drive our automative revolution have lost something in trying to remove the human.

The precision of a pen-plotter, an automated drawing machine always fails at reducing error or improving efficiency as it tries to follow a predefined path dealing with the chaotic system of fluids under turbulence. There is no way for the precision to predict the chaotic system. Errors are a product of the chaotic system that cannot be prevented. Embracing the error and chaos is against the principles but in terms of the creative act it is the only way to be a part of the process.


Pen plotter, air brush, paper and ink.
Video showing ink being pushed by an airbrush held by an automated drawing machine.