A colloboration with Little Lost Robot ( and Artist Ruby Jennings creating a responsive soft robotic creature.

A soft robot sits on a table, looking like a tardigrade, made out of recycled materials, wires and sensors. (Photos courtesy of Lilly Holman)

Constructed out of recycled materials and open hardware. All motion is controlled through inflation and deflation of blood pressure bags, using a low pressure air system. The response system uses Lidar sensors as eyes to interact with the world and people around it.

Creating a vision of the future that is non-slick, human centric and gloriously humane in all its messy domestic parts.


Arduino, Lidar sensors, solenoids, low pressure air compressor, air bags, recycled breast pumps, recycled books, tights & children toys.


Artist Ruby Jennings running a soft robotic workshop for children. She is explaining how the robot works.